Basic plant health


Initial inspection

The Initial inspection of  your Trees and Shrubs can be vital in the proper care to be given.

Is the Tree a value to your property? In most cases the answer is yes! Trees add a lot of value to any landscape. This is why we strive to give your trees and shrubs the best care available. So they may grow and thrive for years to come.

But in the end even some trees need to be removed for various reasons. 

Treating a problem Tree for many years can be expensive. When removing the Tree and replanting might be the better solution. Let us help you make that decision through years of experience in the tree care industry. 

Proper Treatment

Knowing what condition your tree or shrub is in can be crucial.

Is the problem a Disease or maybe structural such as the root system?

Will proper trimming or reduction help? Or maybe a Spraying is needed to take care of  a fungus or bug outbreak?

Give us the opportunity to give you a real plan to move forward with. And the chance to grow together in your plant care needs.

Visual Examples of Problems

Mulch volcanoes as we call them in our industry are a hazard to your valuable trees and shrubs.  

Causing roots to grow around the base of a tree or shrub instead of branching outward.

This when left untreated can strangle or kill your trees and shrubs.

Fungus outbreaks.

Blackspot, a dark spot or tar spot is a common problem that can be drastically reduced just by proper cleaning.

Rhizosphaera Needlecast or Stigmina is a Fungus that causes spruce to loose its needles. This can be treated but must be done at the right time!

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